Saturday, December 26, 2009

SLIM Coin Purse Series

Girls, where do you keep your coins? I've seen many types of coin purses and usually they are big and bulky, complete with heavy and hard to open metal fasteners. I used to resort to using the small coin compartment that comes with a purse. But it's not enough and the coins always manage to poke themselves out of the coin compartment and find its way to the dollar or card compartment. Sometimes they just poke themselves free from the purse altogether.

Luckily I found a coin purse design that is simply amazing!

These little babies are great for storing coins because:

1) Light-weight
2) Easy to open and close zipper (no more heavy, bulky, tight and pain-to-the-fingers fasteners!)
3) Petite, slim and compact sized (not bulky at all!)
4) Despite it's petite size, it can store many, many, many coins of all sizes
5) Easy to carry anywhere
6) Comes with a cute bell
7) PLUS Has a key chain holder:
--->You can put your house key or any other keys
--->You can attach the purse to other bags
--->Or simply decorate it with fancy accessories! :)
[P.s: Fancy key chain accessories coming soon!;)]
8) Cute designs
9) Adorable
10) Etc etc !

Directions of Use:
Please handle these delicate little babies with care!








Buy 1 for RM 10

Buy 2 for RM 12

Buy 3 for RM 15

Free postage! Standard mail will be used.
For Poslaju service, please add RM4.

[P.p.s: More designs coming up!]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Holiday Greetings!

Wishing all my Christian customers,
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sorry for not replying faster to your emails! Technical problem :/

Happy belated Hari Raya Aidil Adha girls!

[Credit: google image]

Pre-Loved LV bag (Replica)

Who can afford LV bag? I'm sure many. I never own a real LV bag. Although, maybe I can. Even so, I'd prefer to have the replica ones so that I can stash the hard earned $$$ for other more necessary things. Like, buying a top up to reload my handphone, for example :P And no, I'm not afraid to admit that mine is a replica :P Hey, the economy is down, people. Time to save!

Jessica Simpson is known for her love of LV bag.

Even her dog loves LV bag! lol

If you don't mind imitation, then check these out! ;)

A true girly girl can't do without pink! ;)

Grey can go with most outfit colour, especially bluish tones and earth tones:

And you know what's cool about these bags? The combination of chain handle + tassel! Super girly! Now how often do you get that in a bag?

P/S: These cute bags have been used for a couple of times only. They're still in good condition.

Each bag is yours for only RM 38. If you take both, RM 60 only! (Price does not include postage)

Say what?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pelik, tetapi benar!

Because of your support, prices have been reduced yet again!
PLUSSSsss....; For selected items, you can now enjoy free post.
Kenapa, tak percaya??

P.S: More bags coming up...!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tropical Straw Bags!!

Ideal for swimming activities! It's vintage, it's retro, it's spacey! You can put your slippers, sandals, swimming suits, goggles, changing clothes, sunblock, sandwiches, and more!

Don't sacrifice style for pleasure! From now on, you don't have to carry grocery plastic bags to bring your swimming items ever again! :)

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;))

And who says you can only use it for swimming time? With straw bags, it is FREESTYLE! Mothers, try straw bags next time you go out. You can *dump* those baby bottles, pampers, changing clothes, baby wipes, milk bottles, etc etc in a straw bag. What's more, the straw bags you'll find here have ropes to tie up the top of the bag, so that your items will be more secured.

PLUS, unlike traditional straw bags, the straw bags you'll find here are light. So these straw bags will not hurt your shoulders or your hands. Is that great or what! :)

Shop away, cuties! :)

Summer Night

Black Summer

What it is: Colored straw bag
Why it is cute: Polka dot ribbon, vintage style, retro style, black and white never goes out of style!!
What for: Outings, casual, freestyle

RM 55
RM 40 [RM 15 off!]


Customer review: This is a chic bag! It's not easy to find straw bag in this color. SO that's a bonus! And I like how it goes well with any outfit. It's vintage and elegant all in one bag. Thanks!

Truly Pink Summer

Pink Summer

What it is: Colored straw bag
Why it is cute: Polka dot ribbon, vintage retro look, PINK PINK PINK!!:)
What for: Outings, casual, freestyle

RM 55
RM 40 [RM 15 off!]


Sweet Pink Summer

Sweet Pink Summer

What it is: Colored straw bag
Why it is cute: Pink polka dot ribbon, vintage look, because it is PINK!!
What for: casual, picnic, outings, freestyle

RM 55
RM 40 [RM 15 off!]

Thank You Norhaslina:)

Summer Lavender

Purple Summer

What it is:
Colored straw bag

Why it is cute:
Polka dot bow ribbon, light purple color

What for:
Swimming bag, beach bag, casual, college, freestyle

RM 55
RM 40 [RM 15 off!]

Freestyle Hawaiian Print

Freestyle Casual Floral

What it is: Eco canvas bag + soft, comfortable rope handles
Why it is cute: Hawaiian floral print
Suitable for: Casual look, casual outing, college, picnic, freestyle

RM 40 RM 37

Monday, October 12, 2009

ST Mystic Black

This is an eco canvas bag inspired by Samantha Thavasa. It is a hot brand in Japan and now Hollywood, made famous by Beyonce, Solange, Jlo, Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham and many other celebs!

1 for RM 48
2 for RM 80 *You can add/choose another ST bag

--->>Now price include shipping!
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